BJT Voltage Amplifiers

BJT Voltage Amplifiers
BJT Voltage Amplifiers
Product Description

BJT Voltage Amplifiers

The board allows a first approach to the theoretical‐ practical study of the static and dynamic operation  of   the BJT (Base‐emitter Junction Transistor), used as a voltage amplifier. The board affords the problems associated to the use of the transistors in the three basic configurations: CE (Common Emitter), CC (Common Collector) and CB (Common Base). Firstly, the  bias and the working point stabilization   problems are considered. Then, the typical features of the three configurations are analyzed: input resistance, output resistance, voltage gain and current gain. In the second section of the board typical applications are studied, such as the bootstrap effect bias and the Darlington connection. The board is supplied complete with a set of stackable, plug‐in cables of suitable lengths and colours and with a training manual.

Experiments of BJT Voltage Amplifiers

  1. Bias and dc load line in CE, CC and CB configurations
  2. Measurement of typical parameters in the three configurations
  3. Dual load amplifier with phase inverter function
  4. Emitter follower and bootstrap effect bias
  5. Analysis and checking of Darlington connection


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