Brake & Load Unit

Brake & Load Unit
Brake & Load Unit
Product Description

Brake & Load Unit 

Technical Description of Brake & Load Unit

Many vibration phenomena can only be achieved when the system is under load. The brake and load unit is used to generate vibration as a function of torque, e.g. in toothed gearing mechanisms or electric motors. It consists of a magnetic particle brake and an electric control unit. The braking torque can be finely adjusted on the control unit. The exciter current is applied as a measure of the braking torque and is indicated digitally on a display. An integrated belt drive, with a free shaft, provides the brake with two torque and speed ranges. The energy is converted by the brake into heat and discharged to the ambient air by a fan. The brake can be quickly and precisely mounted on the slotted plate of the base unit.

Specification of Brake & Load Unit


  • Brake and load unit for the machinery diagnostic training system
  • Magnetic particle brakeaa
  • Control unit with exciter current display
  • Potentiometer to adjust braking torque
  • Integrated belt drive for second speed and torque range
  • Temperature protection and fan overheating protection


Technical Data of Brake & Load Unit


  • Continuous braking power: approx. 450W/3000min-1
  • Transmission ratio between brake shafts: i=3


Direct brake operation


  • Speed range: 200...2000min-1
  • Braking torque: 1...10Nm


Operation via belt drive


  • Speed range: 600...6000min-1
  • Braking torque: 0,3...3,3Nm


Dimensions and Weight of Brake & Load Unit


  • l x w x h: 460x410x200mm (control unit)
  • l x w x h: 370x210x270mm (brake)
  • Weight: approx. 18kg


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