Electronic Sensors Learning System

Electronic Sensors Learning System
Product Description

Electronic Sensors Learning System

Electronic Sensors Learning System adds to the Motor Control Learning System to teach the function and applications of a variety of electronic sensors in industries like automotive, packaging, and security. Electronic Sensors Learning System is comprised of heavy-duty, real-world industrial components such as capacitive, inductive, and infrared sensors that are built to stand up to heavy use. Learners can connect and operate these sensors, study their design, and analyze their performance in order to build skills that can be applied to real-world job opportunities. Reinforces this skill-building practice with strong curriculum that thoroughly explains electronic sensor topics such as factors that affect a sensor’s performance. This combination of hands-on skills and strong theoretical knowledge gives learners the ability to not only understand where to use a sensor in a circuit, but why it’s there and what its function is.

Features of Electronic Sensors Learning System

  • Teaches non-touch electronic sensing in relay and programmable controller applications
  • Hands-on skills
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Multimedia Curriculum Available


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