Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration
Flow Meter Calibration
Product Description


For use by all kinds of engineering students, the Flow MeterCalibration apparatus compares and shows the accuracy and use of fundamental flowmeters. The nozzle flow meter or any of the optional flow meters quickly andeasily fit into place between the adaptors in the base unit of the apparatus.Four water filled manometers show the pressure differences at the flow meterand across the overall flow meter assembly. The manometers have a common manifoldfitted with an air valve. Students use the hand-pump to increase the air pressurein the manifold. The straight pipe gives a comparison of the true pressurelosses caused by the flow meters. The optional Pitot Tube Flow Meter will alsoshow the velocity profile in a pipe. This helps to explain the boundary layerand surface friction in pipes and flow channels.


Nett dimensions andweight:

750 mm high x 900 mm long x 300 mm front to back and 9 kg(including Nozzle Flow Meter)

Approximate packedvolume and weight:

0.4 m3 and 16 kg


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