Fuel Injection System

Fuel Injection System
Product Description

Fuel Injection System

The Fuel Injection System simulator takes into consideration all these aspects by performing the following functions:


  1. Ignition phase
  2. Heating phase
  3. Lambda regulation
  4. Quick acceleration deceleration phases
  5. Cut‐off phase
  6. Regulation of the injection time
  7. Regulation of the advance angle
  8. Regulation of the minimum rpm
  9. Regulation of the knock
  10. Limitation of the rpm











The following components of Fuel Injection System are analyzed:


  1. Level sensor
  2. Inertial sensor
  3. Electro pump  
  4. Idle actuator
  5. Electro‐injectors and coils.






With the Fuel Injection System it is possible to study engine operation, engine sensors and controls and electronic fuel injection.


  1. The simulator covers the following topics:
  2. Oxygen sensor, temperature sensor, (Mass Air Flow )MAP sensor, (Mass Air Pressure)MAF sensor, knock sensor, operation.
  3. Pressure, flow, position sensors.
  4. Injection time calculation.
  5. Ignition pulses effect on main switch, ignition timings.
  6. Engine efficiencies, horsepower and engine torque, valve position switch output signals and valve position sensor output signals.
  7. Signal analysis, injector activation signal at various conditions, air injection control, injection duration at various speeds, temperatures and engine loads.
  8. Air temperature effect on the quantity of injected fuel.
  9. Fuel cut‐off, relationship between the duration of injector opening to the quantity of injected fuel.
  10. Solenoids, open and close loop controls and exhaust gas circuit.











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